Stamp-Flex is a well-established, dynamic company based in the heart of Budapest. We specialize in custom parts production using a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including hydraulic and pneumatic presses, industrial laser cutters, and press flexors. Our clients range from small businesses to large corporations such as Morgan Ltd or Samsung and contractors for major car manufacturers. As a company based in the European Union, we are committed to upholding high quality standards such as ISO 9001.

Made with care

We don’t just produce parts, we serve experiences.

With a combination of rich precision, butter smooth customer experience, and punctual shipment, every part becomes a happy part.

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Flexible design – Timeless Result

Careful Design

We can help designing your custom product or you can send us your own design in any format. Contact us on any of our channels for more information.

Mass Production

Producing custom parts and spare parts in large quantity thanks to our precise machinery and hard working team that operates them on a daily basis.

Premium Quality

Our Team and Partners always make sure to only ship the right number and expected quality of products, we believe in thriving long-term cooperation.

Our Story,
Our Mission

Who we are

Stamp-Flex Ltd, Budapest based metallic press company, devoted to producing custom parts for multinational corporations such as Morgan ltd.

What we do

Custom Parts production by heavy machinery, hydraulic & pneumatic presses and various custom machines

How we do it

High precision, Flawless Design, Uttermost Care, Punctual shipping, Customer Orientated Service,